Earth Day Live Online!

An at-home celebration of the home we share.

Music! Visual Art! Spoken Verse! Tree Planting! Stories for Kids! Brain Food!

Be with us: 5:30-9:30 p.m. Saturday, April 25

April 22 is the actual 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, which has become many things over the years but began as a way to call attention to threats to the habitability of our planet. It has since branched into celebrations of this planet as well. We will hold an online celebration for all generations, beginning with at 5:30 p.m. with a tree planting and children’s stories and moving through the spoken and visual realm, concluding with an evening of music fit for the occasion.

Among our featured musicians we are delighted to have Carlos Odria, an extremely popular and talented guitarist who fuses forms from jazz, Latin and many influences. A native of Peru and music scholar, Carlos is in demand for in venues across Central Mass, and in these live music-restricted times offers us a rare at-home opportunity.

We also invite your participation: We are giving away 100 tree seedlings for planting during the event. Learn more!

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A presentation of Grassroots Central Mass in cooperation with Starlite Gallery, Southbridge

Carlos Odria, among our featured performers for Earth Day Live Online!

Event Features

Times are approximate

5:30-6:15: Welcome & Stories for Children – Maureen Doyle and Charlotte Burns

6:15 – Virtual Tree Planting & Tips

6:45 – Visual Art of Nature, Jen Boisvert

7:05 – Poetry – Sarah St. George, Karen Warinsky, Robert Eugene Perry

7:30-9:30 – Music for Our Planet; Carlos Odria, Gracie Day & Joel Rines, Matt Soper, Mark Wagner, Cody Peck, Julie Mateo, and Lisa Lawrence.