Statement on Alex Morse

Grassroots Central Mass stands by its endorsement of Alex Morse to represent the Massachusetts First Congressional District. Our support for him is based upon his positions on important issues such as: access to health care, mental health awareness and treatment, environmental justice, and job security. We believe Alex Morse will work much more effectively to further our interests than the current representative for MA District 1, Richard Neal.

At the time of this statement, unsubstantiated allegations against Morse have been brought forward by some student members of the College Democrats of Massachusetts (CDMA) while, at the same time, grave concerns have also been raised about the timing of and motive behind the release of the student comments and the possible inappropriate use of political connections to create their statement. We remain firmly committed to the candidacy of Alex Morse while these matters are impartially investigated.

We at Grassroots Central Mass believe deep harm has been done to members of the LGBTQ+ community due to this situation and that such harm must be addressed. Therefore, Grassroots Central Mass wishes to strongly reaffirm its commitment to inclusiveness, justice, human rights, gender equity, and respect for all.

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